The Senior Adult Ministry exists to extend the transforming presence of Christ to the members of Trinity above age 55 by involving them in Worship, Prayer, Fellowship, Scripture Study, Mutual Ministry, and Outreach.

The 55 and over age group at Trinity Baptist Church looks to continue helping others to grow in their journey with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The Trinity Troopers (Senior Adult Ministry) of Trinity Baptist Church are active in many facets of the church life.  This generation sometimes wanes in its commitment to service in most churches, but at Trinity we strive to keep you active.

Under the leadership of our Senior Adult Minister Charlie Elrod we are striving to have a balanced ministry for the Senior Adult section of our church.  Charlie has been in the ministry since 1983 serving several Southern Baptist churches in the capacity of youth, recreation, education, administration, and as an associate pastor.  Charlie earned his master of arts in religious education. He brings a needed blend to this vital ministry of our church life.

Our Mission in this ministry is to motivate adults fifty-five years and older to reach out to an ever increasing number of people in this age group with the gospel and encouraging them to be a part of a fellowship of believers, helping them to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.

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