TCS Communication Form

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Event Beginning Date *
Event Beginning Date
Event Ending Date *
Event Ending Date
If yes, please fill out the teacher leave form HERE.
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Event Beginning Time *
Event Beginning Time
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Event Ending Time
Set-up Time *
Set-up Time
Arrangements must be made for the building to be unlocked and locked. This normally requires a church employee, so please be sure all times are as accurate as possible.
Unlock Doors at *
Unlock Doors at
What time do the doors need to be unlock? Most of the time this is an automated process which does not require someone to physically unlock the doors, thus it is important to set this time near your planned event.
Describe all equipment and room set-up that is needed for this event. You can submit a sketch by attaching it to an email here.
IMPORTANT NOTES ON VEHICLES: School Bus School Van - 15 Seats includes Driver Trailer
All vehicles will be clean and full of fuel upon your departure. It is your responsibility to return the vehicle clean and refueled. If your use is local to Texarkana area you do not have to refuel. If vehicle is not returned clean and refueled, you may be assessed a cleaning fee and will be charged for fuel. All passengers must be wearing a seatbelt regardless of age or weight, insurance may be notified if you are not properly belted.
Contact Person *
Contact Person
Person responsible and will be present at event.
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