At Trinity we believe in God's purpose that reaches beyond the church walls into our community, nation, and the world. We support Southern Baptist Missionaries around the world through giving to the Cooperative Program. Our church is also involved with multiple local and national mission minded organizations through financial giving and ministry of our members.

Trinity's goal is not only to give to mission work but also to do the mission work. Below you will find mission opportunities for 2015. If you are interested to receive more information about any of these trips or scholarships please send us a note.

For those who would like to participate in any of these trips please fill out BOTH mission trip application form and personal testimony. These two forms are required for Trinity members who would like to request mission trip assistance.


Louisiana - Make a Difference in Kids and Their Incarcerated Dads at Angola Prison

Returning Hearts Celebration is the culmination of the prisoner's celebration of completing year of Malachi Dad's - discipleship material on how to be a Godly parent. Most importantly, they have the opportunity to reconcile with their children by asking for their forgiveness and inviting them to accept Christ's offer of salvation. This begins the healing process, breaking the power of sin and the cycle of crime. There will be over 400 children and 200 inmate dads. Each father is allowed to spend the day with their kids, just being a dad, in a carnival atmosphere while being accompanied by a church volunteer. Some of the volunteers help run the booths with activities.

Date: May 15-16

Cost: $100

Registration Deadline: April 27


Oklahoma - Minister to Cherokee Indian Church

An opportunity to help Chucalate Baptist Church through conducting VBS, Revival Services, and construction (insulation, electrical and sheet rock work on a 40x80 fellowship hall with 3 classrooms and 2 bathrooms). We will be serving along with eight churches from Alabama.

Date: June 21-26

Cost: $300

Registration Deadline: June 1


Arkansas - One Day Mission Trip

The Arkansas Baptist Convention is organizing a mission outreach that will be in Hope, Arkadelphia, and the surrounding towns. Multiple teams will be involved in activities like: prayer walking, children’s activities, activities with seniors, home repairs and painting, health and dental clinics, youth sports camps, evangelism, yard work, block parties, cowboy ministries, children’s fishing derby, and many other mission opportunities.

Date: September 12

Cost: $10

Registration Deadline: August 27


California - Plant a New Work

Travel to one of the most beautiful cities in North America - San Diego, and serve alongside a brand new church plant as they reach out to their city by delivering baked goods, hosting pool parties, and throwing neighborhood events. You will also work with family-readiness professionals on the nearby marine base and minister to families of deployed husbands. Make friends, serve the city, and help this new church plant get anchored and gain momentum.

Date: September 25-October 2

Cost: $1400

Registration Deadline: July 1


Washington - Serving Seattle's Best by Sharing God's Best

Develop friendships and serve families in Seattle and Arlington by hosting neighborhood events, sports camps, and block parties alongside a new church start.

Date: September 26-October 2

Cost: $1400

Registration Deadline: July 1


New York - Reach the Nations by Serving Astoria

Spend a week in The Big Apple serving, sharing, and bringing hope to one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world: Astoria in Queens. Work in the daytime, see the city in the evening!

Date: October 29-November 5

Cost: $1400

Registration Deadline: September 1


New York - Unite Nations in Christ through the U.N. Christmas Luncheon

Arrange and host the 2015 Foreign Service Fellowship Christmas Luncheon at the United Nations! You will finalize the ambassador database, prepare invitations for mailing and confirm the event VIP Guest Listing for key ambassadors from every corner of the globe. You will also make follow-up calls to the UN Missions, provide requested information, and help complete last-minute preparations.

Date: December 5-11

Cost: $1400

Registration Deadline: September 1


Belgium - Outreach during Festivals

In Gent, Belgium there are 70,000+ college students and we want to reach out to that population group. Belgium is a heavy post-modern worldview culture where faith is seen as ridiculous and ignorant. John 3:16 is a revelation to them as they have never heard or read it. The Gent Festivals Ministry is an evangelism project with use of various methods - servant evangelism, acts of kindness, and spiritual interest surveys. All of these could lead to Gospel presentations.

Date: July 16-25

Cost: $2500

Registration Deadline: June 1


Peru - Break Spiritual Poverty Cycles by Sharing Your Story

Befriend Peruvian families and start new churches in Lima's low-income housing areas through home visits, Gospel conversations, teaching skills, and giving simple gifts.

Date: September 10-18

Cost: $2500

Registration Deadline: July 1


Taiwan - Provide Gospel Access to Thousands of Tourists in the Capital City

98 million Chinese tourists leave Dhina every year for vacation. They come out of hundreds of cities where there is little chance to hear the Gospel. When many of these tourists arrive into Taiwan, you will welcome them with a contemporary Chinese New Testament and a friendly witness. Make Him known by personally delivering these gift packages into the hands and hearts of thousands of tourists!

Date: September 18-27

Cost: $2800

Registration Deadline: July 1


Middle East - Share Compassion and the Gospel Story among Immigrant Workers

You will launch new story groups through giving out Compassion Kits at parties in immigrant labor camps in a desert nation known for extravagance. Mealtimes will be celebrations to develop relationships and share hope!

Date: October 10-18

Cost: $2300

Registration Deadline: July 1


South Asia - Drink Chai, Meet Needs and Captivate Groups with Stories

Spend a full week building friendships and sharing hope in a South Asian mega city of 24 million as you sip tea with locals, hear their stories, and share your story as you are invited into the dwelling space of families. Part of this journey will include worship in Hindi and English alongside the onsite host team.

Date: October 15-23

Cost: $2500

Registration Deadline: July 1


Haiti - Love and Serve Children through Fun and Family Activities

Become a surrogate "house parent" for a week and invest into the spiritual future of Haitian children living in a children's home in Pignon. You will spend these days loving and leading the children in their very own day-camp style activities, all the while providing a picture of a true adult Jesus-follower. Also included is a day of worship and celebration in Haitian Creole!

Date: November 6-12

Cost: $1500

Registration Deadline: September 1


Amazon - Develop Friendships among an Unreached People Group

Continue contact and harbor friendly relations with an Unreached People Group along the Amazon Basin in Northeast Brazil. Working alongside Mocajuba Baptist to serve and create a means for the Gospel to be shared and received!

Date: November 10-17

Cost: $2100

Registration Deadline: September 1


Southeast Asia - Transform Emptiness into Abundance by Making Friends

Drink coffee, have conversations, ride city bikes, and make friends as you share hope with students and young adults in this city of 10 million where Gospel access is severely restricted. All Asia Spring Break teams will travel to and from Hong Kong together. Also included is a day of sightseeing in Hong Kong!

Date: November 12-20

Cost: $2400

Registration Deadline: September 1