Our Bible Study classes meet each week on Sunday morning.  We would love to have you join us for one this Sunday!  If you have any questions regarding a class for you or someone in your family simply visit the welcome desk and we will be more than happy to assist you.  

Meeting @ 8:00 AM

Special Friends        Room 106      Cherie Davis and Lisa Shoalmire

Adults (Open)           Room 105        Don Purifoy

Adults (Open)           Chapel              Charlie Elrod


Meeting at 10:30 AM


1st Grade                   Room 405            Kim Glass,

                                                                Dustin/Courtney Heath

2nd Grade                 Room 404           Ken McLaughlin, Gena Vanderveer

                                                               Janelle White

3rd Grade                   Room 403          Emily Oglesby, Nick Brocato

4th Grade                   Room 413          Jason Leeper, Joe Black

5th Grade                   Room 412          Caleb/Amanda Saxby, Tracy Wade


6th Girls/Guys            Room 268      Bryan/Kathleen Powell, Shannon Wall

7th Grade Girls          Room 203      Donna McLaughlin

7th Grade Guys          Room 204     Paul Anderson, Jim Wall

8th Grade Girls           Room 207     Karissa Cheatham, Ashley McClean

8th Grade Guys          Room 206     William Cheatham, Jeremy Thornton

9th Grade Girls           Room 428      Amy Lovell, Tammy Waters

9th Grade Guys          Room 429      Cody Michael Brown

10-11 Girls                  Room 424      Shannon Harvin and Denise Wallace

10-11 Guys                 Room 423      Brent Lovell

12th Grade Co-Ed      Room 423      Kevin Tye and Jamie Tye

Adults 18-30

College/Career (18-22)       Room 237      Doug Brown

Young Adult (23-30)            Room 256      Bill Saxby/Jimmy Don Eddy

Young Married w/kids         Room 215      Steve Smith

Married w/ elem kids          Room 253      Randy Norwood

Married/Single (open)         Choir Room    Rotating

Adults 30-40’s

Couples                               Room 246      Bob Pete

Young Adults                       Room 255       Colvin/Baird

Basic                                    Room 212       Tim Franklin

Adults 40-55’s                      

Couples                                  Room 258      McCarty/Ward

Open                                      Chapel           Rotating

Women                                   Room 238      Abbie Gill/Sharon Pace

Adults 45-60’s          

Couples                                  Room 239      Alan Hargis

Women                                   Room 220      Jana Berry

Adults 50-65

Open                                       Room 222      Anderson/Page

Open                                       Room 178      Corky McClure

Open                                       Chapel            John Silvey

Women                                   Room 105      Sue Royal

Men                                        Room 249      Mark Sherer

Adults 65+

Open                                      Room 212      Roy Hyman

Men                                        Room 106      Don Tibbit

Women                                   Room 111      Ernestine Moody