Driver Form

Please read the following statements regarding requirements and responsibilities for all drivers. You may download printable form HERE.

All drivers must:

  • Be at least 25 years of age

  • Have a current driver's license

  • If driving a People Mover or Church Bus must have a copy of CDL/Passenger endorsement on file with the church, and be cleared to drive by the church administrator

  • Possess personal vehicle insurance

  • Be a member in good standing at Trinity Baptist Church

  • Obtain permission to drive prior to event

  • Complete and pass background check

Responsibilities of all drivers:

  • Inspect vehicle prior to driving (See checklist).

  • Report any issues with vehicle.

  • Never text while driving and eliminate distractions.

  • Remain undistracted while driving.

  • Understand they are responsible for those in the vehicle as well as for the vehicle they are driving.

  • Observe all traffic regulations which includes, but is not limited to speed limits.

  • Ensure that all passengers wear their seat belts (State Law and Insurance Regulation).

  • No food or drinks are allowed in the vans.  

  • Ensure that vehicle never has more passengers than vehicle stated passenger capacity.  

  • Driver is responsible to return the vehicle with all trash removed and interior clean and ready for the next use.


  • Fuel is provided for local uses.  Local is defined by the vehicle's capacity to go and return on one tank of gas.  If more fuel is necessary to make trip, that specific ministry is responsible for providing the necessary fuel to return - at the specific ministry expense.

  • If personal vehicles are used, generally the specific ministry using the vehicle is responsible for reimbursing the owner.

Driver's Name *
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Primary driver means you drive the vehicle more than once per month or more than 12 times per year
1. Have You Been at Fault for Any Accidents? *
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2. Have You Had Any Moving Traffic Violations? *
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3. Have You Had Any Insurance Company Cancel or Refuse to Provide You With Auto Insurance? *
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4. Have You Had Your Driver's License Revoked, Suspended, or Restricted? *
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5. Have You Had Any Physical Impairments Other Than Corrective Glasses? *
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6. Have You Ever Been Charged With or Convicted of "Driving While Intoxicated" or "Driving Under the Influence"? *
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