Consumer Church

Like it or not we live in a consumer minded world. Our lives are surrounded by choices in every area. We must have choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Clothing choices, car choices, even water choices. The same goes for our worship. We now demand choices, lots of choices. In our quest to meet as many consumer needs as possible, the church has painted itself into a proverbial corner. The church tries to please as many people as possible and finds it cannot please everyone no matter how much it tries. For the last several weeks we have been in a series of messages that have attempted to look at what the church should supply its members. We have discussed what the criteria should be when searching for a church home. In a consumer minded world, people think first about comforts and needs being met. We should really be asking what does this church teach, what does this church believe. Will this church teach the truth even when its not comfortable or popular. If you know someone looking for a church home, walk with them through the process. You could help them in their spiritual journey. They will be eternally grateful.