Do You Believe?

I think everyone believes something, the real question to ask is how does what you believe affect your daily living. For me, my strongest belief is that Jesus Christ is God's son. He came to this world and lived a sinless life, died on a cross as a result of the world's sin, was put in a tomb and three days later he arose. Some people would say, why do you believe that? Easy...eyewitness testimony. The very same reason I can believe Washington led the Colonial army, the same way I believe Lincoln was shot at Ford's theatre...eye witnesses. Time does not cause truth to diminish, truth has no shelf life. The real question comes back to how it affects daily living. If your belief in Christ does not change your behavior, your language, your speech, If you can continue to live any way you desire without any interference from your conscience or the Holy Spirit... Do you really believe. Beliefs should cost us, guide us, direct us. If your belief in Christ produces none of these you really believe.