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Access groups are short-term groups that meet for a specific topic and are  designed for discussion and conversations around a felt need.  The goal of Access Groups is to equip you in the areas of ministry, discipleship, finances, family, marriage, spiritual formation, and men and women’s issues.  

Consider getting involved in a small group so that we can connect and grow together.  


1. Access groups will meet at various times throughout the week.

2. Most are short term, meeting for 6-8 weeks.

3. They are designed to equip you to live the Christian Life.

4. Some work may be required...in each group you will be encouraged to read, prepare and/or study in order to enrich the conversation.

5. Childcare is provided for groups that meet on Sunday and Wednesday.

6. We believe we grow better together as we discuss, wrestle with truth, and seek to put it into practice in our lives.

7. Core studies will be repeated to give everyone an opportunity to participate.



Marriage Financial

Parenting Family

Spiritual Formation Ministry Training and Equipping

Women’s Studies / Men’s Studies



· Bible Study Methods

· Foundations of the Faith

· Love and Respect

· Understanding the Love of Your Life

· Shepherding a Child’s Heart

· Financial Peace University

· The Life of Christ

· Study of Romans

· Developing a Biblical Worldview

· Teaching Process

· Experiencing Freedom in Christ

· What Did you Expect?

· Emotional Fitness

· Various Book Studies

· Victory In Spiritual Warfare

· Five Sex Needs of Men and Women

· Family 101

· Marriage 101