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Your New Identity in Christ REGISTER HERE

8 Week study       Facilitator: Kent Mathias        Meets in Room 111 @ 10:30 AM

Who we are in Christ is the result of our transforming union with God.  2 Corinthians 5:17 says that if anyone is in Christ he/she is a new creation, the old has gone away and the new has come. Many of the pitfalls we face in the Christian life are the result of the lack of understanding and appropriation of our new identity in Christ. And the enemy likes it that way. When we don’t know our true identity in Christ, defeat, discouragement, and deception follow closely behind.  

However, when we understand who God says we are and begin to practice the truth of that reality, we discover rest, truth, and freedom to live the Christian life victoriously.

Join us on Sunday Mornings as we discover and encounter God’s provision for living out our new identity in Christ.


Men's Devotional Group     Ongoing      Meets in Room 111 @ 6:00 AM

Start your week off with this early morning men's group.   It is a great time of prayer and encouragement. 


Men's Study     Facilitator: Doug Brown      Meets Big Jakes on Ark. Blvd @ 12:00 PM

This men's group meets weekly at Big Jakes.  Come grab lunch and join us for great discussion and interaction centered around the Word of God.  The topic changes regularly.  


7 Week study      Facilitator: Sharon Pace     Meets in Room 111 @ 5:30 PM

In 7 sessions, Seamless covers the people, places, and promises of the Bible, tying them together into the greater story of Scripture. Whether you've grown up hearing Bible stories or you're exploring Scripture for the first time, the full story of the Bible can be overwhelming.  Experience the Bible as a whole as you gain clarity and confidence in your understanding of Scripture. Discover a biblical context that reshapes and brings to life stories from the Old and New Testaments.


Discerning the Will of God REGISTER HERE

7 Week study     Facilitator: Kelly Ann Myers     Meets in Room 222 @ 9:30 AM

Through 7 sessions, discover the root to clear and daily communication with God - humble obedience. Learn how surrender unlocks His many blessings intended for us, centers us in His will, and helps us discern His voice in everyday life.